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aMBUSH Gallery - Project 5

aMBUSH Gallery - Project 5

"Thank you and congratulations for all of the hard work that Cardinal have put into many of our highly successful art projects, particularly Project 5. We are really pleased with the media coverage received collectively and on a project basis. We believe this is largely a result of Cardinal’s strong rapport with media, skilled management and a lovely team who are fun to work with. We have received wonderful feedback from all of our project partners and talent. We have all had an excellent customer experience on all occasions. We believe you have really understood our objective to provide a platform for artists because your efforts have launched the careers or raised the profiles of our artists. We look forward to working with you on many more projects in the future."

John Wiltshire - Co-founder and Director, aMBUSH Gallery


Project Five is an award-winning public art initiative, bringing together leading Australian street artists to create large scale works live in front of the public. All funds raised from Project 5 auctions go to Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), an innovative organisation that helps marginalised youth in Western Sydney through creative arts programs. To date, more than $68,300 has been raised by Project Five for ICE.

Campaign Highlights

* Since 2010, Cardinal Spin has managed the Project 5 communications account, ensuring ongoing media interest and coverage of all Project 5 initiatives.

* Overall highlights have included live crosses with The Morning Show, The Project and ABC news, as well as large-scale features in magazines, major metro newspapers and suburban publications.

* In 2013, Cardinal Spin managed to secure a number of news and picture features for Project 5 in the Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Age and Jetstar Magazine. Features were also run on various online outlets including Concrete Playground and Time Out Sydney.

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