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Andrew Taylor Management

Andrew Taylor Management

"I had the pleasure of working with Amber and Cardinal Spin in relation to Comedy Clients of ours appearing at The Comedy Store. I can only say unequivocally that the experience has been a pleasure. Amber and her team have been the epitome of professionalism, effective, understanding our Clients needs, but above all they got HEAPS of editorial coverage. I can recommend them without reservation."

Andrew Taylor - Principal, Andrew Taylor Management


Andrew Taylor Management is one of the largest producers of comedy and theatre, and provides high-quality personal management services to some of Australia's best loved, popular and fast-rising comedians, writers, sports and media stars.

Campaign Highlights

* Cardinal Spin has worked with Andrew Taylor Management for several years on a range of campaigns for comedians including Fiona O'Loughlin, Tommy Dean, Jeff Green, Jim Jefferies, Joel Creasey and Cam Knight.

* During this time, Cardinal Spin has been an integral part of raising the profile of these comedians, both in terms of their individual shows and also as a part of national comedy festivals. Andrew Taylor Management's talent has recieved a huge cross sections of media opportunities including television segments, national magazine features, radio and show reviews.

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