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Persian International Film Festival

Persian International Film Festival

"It was a great pleasure to work with the CS team on marketing the Persian Film Festival. Everyone in the team and the outcome that we got was very professional. Because we are a small non-mainstream festival, the hardest challenge for us was also tap into parts of the mainstream market and the CS team helped us do that by reaching far and wide into the mainstream media."

Sanaz Fotouhi - Managing Director - Persian International Film Festival


With films from Iran, Afghanistan and their diasporic communities around the world, the Persian International Film Festival is a celebration of today’s cinema and the stories of Persian filmmakers. Each year, the program offers up a diverse mix of films from well-known and emerging filmmakers, with features, shorts and retrospectives lining up for public offering. 

Campaign Highlights

* Cardinal Spin was brought on in 2013 to drive national publicity behind the second annual Persian international Film Festival. They were tasked with the role of delivering the Festival’s key messages to target audiences, raising the Festival’s overall public profile and activating film talent to secure media opportunities.

* Cardinal Spin confirmed more than 90 pieces of coverage for the Festival including 12 interview placements – reaching a total circulation of more than nine million people.

* Coverage highlights across the print medium included a picture feature in mX, listings in the Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph, and inclusion in an Australian Financial Review film feature.

* Broadcast highlights included a segment on ABC News 24 Weekend Breakfast and radio interviews on ABC 702 and SBS Radio.

* Online highlights included Broadsheet, TimeOut Sydney, Inside Film, Crikey and Metro Screen, among others.

* Cardinal Spin also invited and managed the RSVP list for opening night of the Festival, confirming 21 media to attend from a range of publications including Filmink and SBS.

* A coverage comparison to the 2012 PFF publicity campaign indicated a 63 per cent increase in overall coverage for the 2013 campaign.

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