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Taste of Sydney

Taste of Sydney

Kate Gibbs - Food Writer and Author

Recently awarded NSW’s Best Exhibition in the Australian Event Awards, Taste of Sydney is unmissable for food and wine enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys dining out in Sydney’s hottest spots for culinary delights. The 2015 event was the biggest and best in its history; packed with more learning opportunities and masterclasses, more restaurants, and more entertainment. 

A global phenomenon, the first Taste was held in London, UK with just one event over 10 years ago. Since then, Taste has rapidly grown to become part of the social season for foodies, restaurant lovers and chef groupies in 24 different cities around the globe.

Campaign Highlights

Cardinal Spin secured three media judges for Best in Taste

* VIP Gala Guests Cardinal Spin secured included Lynzey Murphey, Peter Everett, Renee Smith, Simon Westaway, Matt Okine, Pat Abboud, Scott Tweedie.

Media Gala Guests include The Guardian, The Australian, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald,  Urban Society, I Ate My Way Through, Broadsheet, Secret Foodies/ Eat.Drink.Play/ Ms Darlinghurst.

Coverage Highlights included Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, SMH Digital, Sun Herald, mX, Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, Yours, Daily Addict, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, I Ate My Way Through, Secret Foodies/ Eat.Drink.Play/ Ms Darlinghurst. 

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